Find Your Strengths

First, gain tremendous self-discovery.  Find out what you are good at and how to use your natural abilities in your career for optimal success and fulfillment.

Natural abilities impact how you learn best, reasoning and problem-solving skills, how you communicate, or if you need more or less structure.  They influence musical or creative ability, focus, and even how much physical movement you need in your life.  They inform work roles, tasks, and work environments that best suit us.

Some natural abilities are called “Driving” because they demand expression.  One important measure is how much you need to either have contact with the real, structural, physical world, or the intangible world such as in communication or service.


“If our work requires abilities we don’t have – or doesn’t use a strong ability to have – we often feel a nagging sense of overall dissatisfaction, frustration, drained energy, boredom, or stress.

On the other hand, when we work with our natural abilities, work can flow with greater ease, productivity, and success.”   

– Johnson O’Connor, Ph.D. in Psychometrics   


I loved my job, but I felt so drained that it was hard to even recover over the weekend.  I took the HAB to find out what my misalignment was.  After testing I found out I was more of an introvert than I realized, and that too much people time would drain my energy.  I worked in education, so I was constantly interacting with people all day.

We discussed solutions.  For now, I can concentrate a couple of hours a day of time working alone on projects.  We also discussed how my career in education can evolve in other roles that will use my strengths and also my top value of being able to make a difference in people’s lives.


Young Adult

Why We Use the Highlands Ability Battery

The HAB is known for exceptional accuracy.

INCLUDES – Objective, “scientific” measurement, using 19 sets of timed work samples where you have to do something – to visually process, solve puzzles, or listen to music samples.  The scoring is based on how many work samples you can finish, how many are correct, and how you compare to 10,000 previous test-takers in the last 5 years.  This is not a self-report of how you feel or your interests.

MEASURES – Your God-given natural abilities that you are hard-wired with at birth.  You do not need to practice to build these skills.  This is not an IQ test and it has nothing to do with anything you learn in school.  There are no good or bad scores, you cannot fail or do poorly.  The results will accurately describe you.  See a sample bar chart of scores below.


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The Research Background


Created by Johnson O’Connor, a psychometrics Ph.D. from Harvard University.  He was hired by General Electric long ago who used results to help place employees in jobs they were best suited to ensure more long-term success for the employees and the firm.

A Johnson O’Connor Foundation was created that still exists today to continue support to the many groups who use it regularly: the military, government, large corporations, educational institutions, and individuals.

The Highlands Co. purchased the test rights in the early 1990s, converted testing from paper and pencil to online, and they added the algorithms to accurately match careers.  The Highlands invests additional research every five years to revalidates the algorithms and career matches to ensure the test remains current an accurate.

My View on Career Testing

I’ve taken all of the widely known career surveys, including 12 as part of a graduate school course.

The HAB is the game-changer, unlike ALL the others. 

The skills measured help align you with careers and tasks using your strengths.    You will gain clear answers that make sense.  All feelings of unsure, procrastination – from not wanting to make a mistake,  and analysis paralysis will fly away instantly.

You will feel empowered to take action to move ahead.  This experience is life-changing!

Ms. Susan Thrower

Career Testing Reports

50+ pages of results detailing your natural abilities.  All clients say the report information exactly describes them. 

Learn more about your preferences, and how these skills show up at work, in your communication style, learning preferences, how you solve problems best, how much people contact you need, and with work tasks where you will have more ease, success, and fulfillment.

Receive many pages of matching careers organized by top skills, career clusters, or industries: engineering, business, healthcare, media & entertainment, teaching, etc.  The career profiles help you compare careers and learn about key tasks and average salaries, job outlook, and related careers.    This is so helpful for younger people who have more limited work and life experiences.  

Debrief meeting – A two-hour debrief meeting is held by your Highlands Certified Consultant to review highlights, to discuss up to 3 top career picks, and to incorporate your goals, interests, values, and temperament in a career direction.  Parents are invited to attend high school.  Older students and young adults can decide if they wish to work alone, or to invite parents to “observe.”  See sample reports below and a sample bar chart.

By age 15 your natural abilities are set and can be accurately tested

Performance based on 19 sets of timed work sample sets, not a self-report

50+ pages in personalized reports

Based on 80 years of research that stays updated

Results led to confident career decisions for thousands of Highlands Co. clients

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