Amplify your ability to find a good future match between yourself and a new job using 5 actions. Read with an open mind and allow the truth to settle in. This applies to you even if you feel like you’ve never had a great job.

1. Nothing will stand in your way

You are NOT going to allow another month or year to go by feeling stuck, underemployed, unemployed, broke, complacent, disengaged, overqualified, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed, or afraid of losing security.

You don’t care what needs to be done, you’ll do it. This is happening now! And you’ll do what it takes no matter what. You’ll dedicate the time. You’ll get the right support. You’ll show up and do the things to find a job you are excited about.

If you’re not in that kind of energy, you’ll be easily distracted, thrown off by the ups and downs of the process, and you’ll give up and go back to “I’m fine being in the job I have” before you change enough to bring in the right job into your life.

2. Do something different

This may seem obvious but it needs to be said. Stop doing what you’re doing now. Face it, you haven’t found the right job so far, so you need to switch up your focus. Your current beliefs, knowledge, and behaviors are not getting you what you want.

Maybe you’re attracting ideas, but you’re not into them. Or vice versa. Did you have an interview, but you ended up rejected and devastated. Are you willing to do things differently to change your experiences and find a job you long for?

3. Get suitable help to overcome your blind spots

We all have them. To overcome anything stopping you from allowing others to see how much of an amazing employee you are, you need to have someone show you and help you work through your blind spots. You need to be clear and inviting. The other thing about getting help is it only works when you get it from the right source. Your other friend who is as stuck as you (or maybe even more so) will not be giving you high-level advice to help you shift.

Even your happily employed friend with the high paying job is probably not the best because they have forgotten what it’s like and their life is not the same as yours. Stop getting advice that twists you into a knot of overwhelm. Hire someone who is trained in career counseling for your people who has found a job that makes them incredibly happy as well.

4. Get clear

Without knowing exactly who you want in your work, how do you expect to find the job? I’m not talking about just the skills and tasks of your future job, but also the industry, and work environment you want to work in. Write out an entire list and spent time in the whole scenario: What hours am I open to? Whats the impact, the challenges, or what drives the stress level? These are things to get really clear on.

Pro-tip: You also need to be able to recognize when you have found your true match, because believe me that can be tricky also! I speak from personal experience on that one.

5. Stay reasonably positive

You might be a bit jaded if you’ve never had a job you love. You may feel frustrated and unknowingly take it out on others. I get it. But you have to heal those wounds enough to brush yourself off and dive in with an open heart. Isn’t it worth it to if you find or create a job that feels right and flows within the next six months?

If you are willing and able to do these things then you are well on your way to being in a great place in the very near future. Message me if you would like my support to implement these keys and we’ll get started!