Helping your child choose the best career

The Need

Most students may not get the career guidance they need to figure out their career or major in high school or college.

Their life and work experiences are limited, so they need help to figure out their best career in today’s work world.   Knowing the best career is only half of the answer.  We help answer the why and how to build the priorities and to-do list to get there.


High School Students

choosing a career

Preparing for College Versus a Career

High school is a time when schools, parents, and students are all focused on getting into college. 

The Current Process:      College → Major → Career 

The Process Should Be: Career  → Major → College

What gets far less attention is the end goal – the career!  Parents do want the end goal – setting up your child for success in life by helping them with confident career decisions for their best college and career experience. 

The process of: 

College → Major → Career

often leads students to enter college with limited information, to figure it out by trying different classes. 

We flip this process. 

 Starting with the career simplifies what seems to be a long high school college planning process.  Once the student has confidence in their career target. then the major is usually obvious.  The college pick should be based on finding a strong program, the internships or co-op programs, and job placements.  

Other Advantages

The importance of choosing the right AP classes.  When students have a clear idea of their best career before college, they can be careful to choose the right AP classes in high school to set up well for college and their major.  

A strong AP test score in high school will also waive college core class requirements which is a huge advantage or opening up college electives or shortening the list of credits needed to graduate, depending on the college policy on high school AP courses.  

More importantly, the AP classes demonstrate “rigor” in high school helping admission and they give a foundation knowledge to support college classes to come, making it easier to have a strong academic start in college. 

Students having a vision for their future will work harder on their SAT/ACT prep.    

Ensure Your College Investment is Well Spent

< Time Advantage   High school years are ideal for exploring careers to help find a their target colleges with strong programs.  Students have time to talk to relatives or others working in careers of interest.  They can also seek work or service that helps them gain real work exposure, to start building and to build up their strengths. 

<  Motivation & Confidence  Junior / Senior years bring motivation to push academically and to make their best college decisions.

Discovering Talents  Many students find they have a natural talents they were unaware of, or they had a sense of but didn’t know how to describe or apply.  They are thrilled and want to use these abilities to drive success.

< College Sports Scholarships   Knowing a career field and major can help you steer to the best college match with interested coach recruiters.  

Build a Custom Career Plan   Gain personalized recommendations and reports.  

Early Career Discovery Puts Your Child Ahead of the Game

< A Smarter Approach to College Planning

College Students

finding the right career

All students want to stay on track and to know what to do to set up well for their career.

They want to get into their major and avoid setbacks from changes and the stress of not knowing if their courses will help them get a job in their future.

Students entering college with a confident career target can be more proactive and make great use of tremendous college resources.

They will stay on track and think further ahead about goals to support their career: technical skill-building, software classes, internships, networking, and college involvement. 

Those with academic overwhelm may need help through college tutoring services to build stronger study skills, to lighten their load, or to find other support.   If they are confident about their career, they are more likely to try a new strategy to push through.

    Finding their best career can help build their confidence, optimism, to know more options they can pursue to take action on their their goals.     

    Recent research reveals college graduation delays are common

    Major Change – National statistics vary, but a conservative range is 26% – 52% for college students who change their major at least once. Source: Student Research Foundation
    College Transfer – Undergraduate transfer rates are 14.1% for freshman year, and 36.6% for sophomore year. Source: 2015 study by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

    Time to Degree – The average undergraduate student is taking 6 years to graduate. Source: US Dept. of Education Fast Facts.

    Drop Out – The college graduation rate averages 60.4%. This does vary by ethnic background, family income, and colleges attended.

    Recent College Graduates & Young Adults

    finding the best career

    All parents want to see their children finish their education and to be on their way to find a career that is best for them.  

    Most recent graduates do not realize building a career is often a 2-step process.  The goal of “entry-level” jobs are to build and broaden skills, and to learn lessons about different types of firms and tasks.  It takes time to advance and be on a path where you hope to stay and grow in the right type of firm, role, or industry.  

    Young adults are not as comfortable with networking and investing time to meet and grow and serve a broad range of relationships.  They may be unaware of certifications they can pursue and professional asociation meetings they can attend to meet people working in their field..              

    Many find the job search to be a struggle, overwhelming, frustrating, and too long.  They may benefit from learning other powerful options to finding a job other than continuing to look online for open jobs and feel their resumes continue to hit a black hole.      

    They want to know what their issue is so they can fix it and move on.  Honestly, there can be many issues and a single one could keep them stuck.  


    Resume Polishing

    A resume template makes a huge impact on readability and professionalism.  We’ll help you get started.  

    Building a Network

    80% of open jobs not posted on LinkedIn or Indeed.  Very few college students have experience or are comfortable with professional networking or finding alumni referrals from their college to talk to in their field.

    A Custom Job Seeking Plan

    Input from a professional counselor saves time and makes sure progress keeps moving.  We map this out so your young adult can focus on doing, completion, and finding “flow.”


    Your child can find out what they are good at – their God-given natural abilities.  If these are used in their work, they can be more productive, successful, and fulfilled. 

    They will gain tremendous self-understanding and then they can make informed and confident decisions.  

    Every occupation, whether it be science, accounting, industrial engineering, sales, teaching, or law, uses specific aptitudes.  This is why the career your child will enjoy the most and be the most successful in the long-term, will likely be one that uses their unique pattern of aptitudes.   

    A big plus to the Highlands Ability Battery is that the matches are specific, not general.  For engineering, there is Civil, Logistics, Industrial, Supply Chain, Electrical, Materials, Biomedical, AI, Mechanical, Cybersecurity, UX Design, and so many others.

    process of student evalution
    ability battery assessment

    We use the Highlands Ability Battery assessment, the most respected and accurate natural ability career testing tool available.  

    √ Defines the Student’s Natural Abilities

    √ Promotes Self-Understanding and Awareness

    √ Builds Self Confidence

    √ Guides Educational Choices

    √ Guides Career Options

    √ Helps Students Build their Learning Memories

    √ Leads to Success and Fulfillment

    √ Considers the Whole Person

    As a parent, you play an important role in preparing your student for their future. 

    We all want our children to thrive, to set up well in college, optimize the college investment, and to be on their way after graduation.  Today careers are complex.  Students have limited life and work experiences to find their way. 

    With the high cost of college, it is wise to help them have top objective counseling and accurate testing.  Your child will learn about their natural abilities, the words to articulate them, and how they can be used in a career.    

    We help find your student’s right fit and “why” for a career based on their unique combination of aptitudes. ​   

    I care as much as you do that your child is encouraged, supported, and empowered to put their plan into action.

    finding a career where they will find success
    planning for college

    Your Story?

    Finding a “right work” fit can help your child to get going, to rise up and take a hold of their life – instead of doing things people think they should do, doing things that come easy, or that fall into their lap. 

    Susan worked with our oldest son to find his ideal areas of focus for potential college majors, schools, and career choices. She went above and beyond the Highland Battery results to analyze his personal priorities, his results, providing him advice and strategies to further research and explore schools and careers. She is a true researcher, passionate about providing insights you can act on and use. This was money well spent.  We were lucky to find her.


    Parent of a rising HS Senior

    I HIGHLY recommend this service for exploring a career path.  Susan took the time to get to know my daughter before the assessment process and during the debrief provided a holistic view of her strengths, preferences, passions, personality, and learning style.  My daughter was struggling to identify what career path she wanted to study as she enters her second semester of college.  After Susan’s very comprehensive review, my daughter now has excitement and confidence about herself and her future career that she did not have before.  This is a valuable investment for anyone.  Thank you for giving my daughter an invaluable gift.  


    Parent of a College Freshman

    I’d certainly recommend your service. Most important was the complete overall analysis and detailed description of career directions.

    The Highlands Battery testing offered the in-depth perspective by incorporating  Luke’s strengths as well as limitations into well-defined categories.  The most important part was the complete analysis, eliminating and detailing specific colleges, careers, and firms hiring graduates in the field that best fit with Luke’s interests and abilities.   

    The suggestions helped him best formulate a valid starting point based on what he learned through this process.  I would be hard-pressed to find ways to improve your service (other than guaranteeing his college entry and lucrative High-income job)!  The time, effort, and analysis were more than we could have anticipated.


    Parent of a High School Junior

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