Student To Career is just the right service for my high school son who doesn’t know what he is good at and what he might be interested in as a career. Susan is very professional and punctual, yet she is also very kind and understanding like a mom trying to help her own son. She really tried to help my son to figure out what his natural ability can be best used for.

The three and half hour aptitude test is very detailed and extensive. It got my son spot on. Susan’s two-hour meeting after we got the test result really helped us to understand why my son acted the way he did and what he could do to use his social and academic skills.  

Most beneficial from this meeting was that Susan helped him to figure out what career choice might be the best fit for him so he could start working toward that direction in high school. I believe this is very important nowadays because of the very competitive college application process. Her fee is also very reasonable compared to similar services. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there are many services that concentrate on helping high school kids to figure out what they are suited for based on aptitude testing. This service idea is very innovative and very much needed. I would recommend Student To Career to any moms who have high school kids.


Parent, Rising HS Sophomore

We engaged Susan to counsel our oldest son in his ideal areas of focus for potential college majors, schools, and career choices. She went above and beyond the highland battery results to analyze his personal priorities and enneagram numbers. She spent a lot of time thoroughly analyzing his results, presenting his results in a thoughtful way, and providing him advice and strategies to further research and explore schools and careers. She is a true researcher, passionate about providing insights you can act on and use. This was money well spent and we will be doing the same for his younger brothers. We were lucky to find her. Thank you, Susan!


Parent, HS Senior

I recommend Susan of Student to Career to help your child if they are struggling to find their place in the world and what their next steps should be. The testing is complete and detailed. It gives a very accurate picture of the child’s strengths and how they can be enhanced and applied in practical and exciting ways. However, even better than the report is the value that Susan provides. I found her to be dedicated and invested in my son’s progress. She was flexible with meeting times and proactively provided more resources that she thought could be helpful. Her interpretation and explanation of the results was insightful and gave my son at least one good lead to investigate. This not a result we could have come up with by ourselves. I am grateful that we meet Susan and went through this process.


Parent, College Junior

This service was so helpful for my daughter who had no idea what career or major that she might be a good fit.  Narrowing down career jobs that match her aptitudes helpful us to focus on colleges that have the majors that will be likely for her.  Susan’s feedback had wonderful suggestions for my daughter.  It was really beneficial to learn “Linked In” to research  careers, jobs, and majors!


Parent, HS Sophomore

I never expected our granddaughter to be so immediately engaged and enthusiastic about participating in a process that might lead to work suitable for her, but I’m so glad we found you and that you’ve been willing to help her. I realize this is early in the process, and I don’t know where this is going to lead, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the direction and feedback you’ve already given her, as well as the opportunity the test results have presented for self-discovery and exploration of abilities and job possibilities she may have never considered.


Grandfather, Young Adult

Susan at Student to Career helped my high school senior and sophomore understand their natural abilities, talents, personality and learning styles. This information is incredibly valuable for college and career planning. I highly recommend this testing and coaching for high school students as it provides them with clarity and confidence in selecting a college, deciding on a major and eventually finding a satisfying career.


Parent, College Freshman & HS Sophomore

My daughter is a high school senior, unsure about her major, but ready to make a decision about her college and declare a major. She had an idea about what her major might be, but needed reassurance and an understanding about what careers she might pursue. 

Ms. Thrower was introduced to us through my daughter’s school.   The feedback provided insight into her natural abilities and personality was spot on, and suggestions were made for future careers and college degrees (based on her natural abilities and personality).  Additional tests were taken online, and a follow-up meeting was held in our home via Zoom. Ms. Thrower gave more detailed information, and we were able to really honed in on her abilities. The results and recommendations helped make decisions about college, her college major, and what career she might choose.  A wealth of information was provided! 

The second consultation also provided tips for using online tools such as Linkedin, to view profiles of people in the field you might consider, along with information on past jobs, degrees, and colleges attended. The idea of looking at the path individuals take to reach their career goals was very insightful, beneficial, and this can guide my daughter towards her future.  I feel that the information provided is invaluable and was well worth the expense.


Parent, HS Senior

Susan Thrower and her services at Student To Career greatly benefited my son in his journey to find a career that fits him best and college candidates.   We were amazed by how in-depth the Highlands Ability Battery pinpointed my son’s personality makeup and strengths and how clearly the test/Susan’s translation of it identified specific jobs work environments that would maximize my son’s aptitudes. A worthwhile investment!


Parent, HS Junior & HS Freshman

I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who is exploring a career path.  Susan took the time to get to know my daughter before the assessment process and during the debrief provided a holistic view of her strengths, preferences, passions, personality, and learning style.  My daughter was struggling to identify what career path she wanted to study as she enters her second semester of college.  After Susan’s very comprehensive review with us, my daughter now has excitement and confidence about herself and her future that she did not have before.  As a parent, I am so grateful for Susan and what she provides her clients.  I would encourage others who would like career direction to work with Susan.  Susan goes above and beyond to break down the information in a clear and valuable way.   This is a valuable investment for anyone.  Thank you Susan for working with us within a very tight timeline and giving my daughter an invaluable gift.  


Parent, College Freshman

Working with Susan at Student To Career was the best “prep for college” decision we have made so far for our rising 11th grader.   The process and results, which were personally delivered by Susan, have helped set a good path for her to pursue as she considers part-time jobs, internships, and college tours with more direction and focus and freedom to pursue her natural gifts and talents.  Highly recommended!


Parent, HS Sophomore

Yes, I would highly recommend Susan’s services.  I felt she went above and beyond the normal and really put a lot of thought and energy into the direction she gave my son for what major to choose in college.  We have used two other services for the Highland’s/personality testing for my older two daughters, also for direction for college and found Susan’s to be superior.  I will definitely use her again for my younger two children.  Most helpful was the specific career direction for Josh, the majors that he should do to accomplish his career goals and to put his musical and theater interests as something important to incorporate on the side.  It was so clear to me that Susan really cared about Josh and his success.


Parent, HS Junior

Certainly would recommend your service. Most importantly was your complete overall analysis and detailed description of career directions. 

 Whereas the Highlands Battery testing offered the in-depth perspective by incorporating  Luke’s strengths as well as limitations into well-defined categories,  the key to this program in my estimation has been your ability to analyze, eliminate and detail specific colleges, careers and  companies which best fit with Luke’s interests and abilities.  

Soon Luke will be weighing his options as he peers through LinkedIn along with some of the additional directives you’ve indicated and decides on colleges to pursue. Your suggestions will help him best formulate a valid starting point based on what he has learned through this process.  

I would be hard-pressed to find ways to improve your service (other than guaranteeing his college entry and lucrative High-income job)!  The time, effort and analysis was more than we could have anticipated.


Father, HS Rising Senior

If someone asked if I would recommend the service, I would say definitely! The process of going through the HAB career assessment was very manageable and incredibly informative. I feel like I was able to learn a lot more about myself and skills in both a personal and professional realm. Following our debrief, I felt like I had a very clear sense of what my next steps should be and felt excited about the possibilities! Sitting down and learning how to search through LinkedIn was incredibly helpful as well!


College Freshman

I would recommend the service because it helped me understand what I want to do with my life and better understand myself. I especially liked the aptitude tests and how Mrs. Thrower walked me through the results to find a good college fit.  Mrs. Thrower was very kind, supportive and efficient.  She put a lot of thought and effort into helping me – she really cares.


HS Senior

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College Freshman

I would absolutely recommend your service to anyone who was puzzled about what to study or if they should even continue college.  It is so common among students in which they often change majors and have no idea where to begin. I would suggest them to look into what you do to evaluate their best-fit choice for the future.

I think the HAB was great to narrow your options down and give a more direct set of options that are suitable for the person you help regardless of any doubt of difficulty or cost that is required to achieve. I like how you gauged an understanding with questions and tasks to get a deeper understanding behind our lives which helps you point us in the right direction.   I do not have suggestions on how to improve your services.  I think your price is fair for the results and outcomes given. You provided me with good job ideas, recommendations, and you gave me a needed confidence boost.   


College Rising Junior

Ms. Thrower and the Highlands Ability Battery helped discover many traits that I never knew I had and determine what career path I should follow. After taking the test, Ms. Thrower explained to me that I had performed very well in concept organization and that it meant my logical thinking was very strong. She did this explanation for every area tested in the Highlands Ability Battery, allowing me to learn about my natural skills and learning style. After analyzing my skill sets together, she helped me decide which career path I should follow if I want to fully utilize my natural talents. Additionally, she helped me navigate the website LinkedIn so that I could connect with professionals in the career path that I chose and ask them about their jobs. This experience was very helpful for me.


HS Sophomore

I would highly recommend the services.  Figuring out your career and life passion is SO important—and Susan helps her clients do just that! I found the HAB testing to be especially helpful and interesting as I began planning career opportunities in the future. I appreciated Susan’s ability to tailor the results from that testing to match my career options.  Furthermore, she was willing to research the field I was currently pursuing in college to give me feedback on the information she found.  Overall, I would highly recommend Susan’s services to anyone looking for help with figuring out what to study and where to land for a career.


College Sophomore

Working with Susan assuaged many of my uncertainties surrounding the rest of my college years. With her guidance, I learned to explore my strengths, weaknesses, and potential career prospects using various resources that I otherwise might have overlooked. The peace of mind granted via her program has allowed to devote myself fully to my studies, and I feel very secure in my current path. I would highly recommend Susan and Student To Career to anyone with potential qualms and/or uncertainties with their goals or job aspirations because Susan shows genuine interest and care and provides input akin to that of a closest adviser or family member.


College Sophomore

I would absolutely recommend this service. Susan is unbiased with an open mind. I made an appointment having no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After meeting with her and taking the tests I had a clear view of who I am and what I need in a job to be happy. She takes her time to narrow down all the choices and she uses the test results to come up with something that is logical, ethical, and will keep you satisfied. I left my last meeting with clarity that I have never had before.

The most helpful part of this service was when we went over my HAB results together. She explained what every score meant and how it would play into a career and what should be considered when choosing. I learned more about myself on a deeper level through this than I have in the past few years.


Young Adult

I found ‘Student To Career’ invaluable for finding my best career path and landing a job in my field. After college, it’s tough to navigate your career. Finding a career path can seem like a job in and of itself. This is when I reached out to Susan. If not for Susan, the trajectory of my career would never have moved toward long-range advancement potential.

Susan leveraged her deep knowledge and experience in the business world while applying my results from the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Test. She then trained me on LinkedIn research to redirect and refine my best-fit career. From there we started from the basics: industries, specific firms, and the types of jobs to apply for. This offered insights with real-world applications, how I fit in, and the best future paths. She also provided a resumé and cover letter review, mock trial interviews, and interview prep. Thanks to Susan, the interview request doors opened quickly as she mentored me through the process until I received job offers. I am now confident I’m on the right career track and can look forward to the future!


Young Adult

My work with Susan and Student To Career was amazing. Her knowledge and expertise were greatly appreciated and gave me many insights and tools I was not previously aware of in my search for a career I would enjoy and excel in. I especially appreciated the time she took taking things a step farther, directly applying the information gained from the battery test to my job search on LinkedIn.


Young Adult

I learned so much and the service really helped me out with my resume.  I now know what to look for when searching for a job on the many different sites.  I really appreciated and enjoyed taking the Battery tests in hopes to find what jobs I would be great at and to make sure I was going in the right direction.  I don’t have any suggestions for you to improve because to me you were absolutely amazing. You always got back with me quickly and answered all my questions thoroughly. I really am satisfied with the information I obtained through my sessions and with taking the Battery tests.  Thank you a million times! You are truly the best and very knowledgeable.   


Young Adult


Amy Takes Off After Finding Her Career, Starts Grad School, and Gets a Dream Job

Situation:  Amy was a few weeks away from college graduation with a major in English at a private Catholic liberal arts college.  She needed help to figure out a career and a job after graduation. 

Results:  Her top career was a lower school librarian with an instructional technology specialty that she ran with.  The reasons were many.  She had a long history as a  voracious reader, strong academics, and she enjoyed school.  She loved babysitting and spending time with kids.  She had a charming presence with strong social and communication skills.  The work environment would be stable and filled with a strong community matching her values and interests.  In the librarian field, the number of jobs was the highest for K-8 school librarians.  She agreed she would enjoy serving a variety of teachers and young students.  

Amy ran with the target.  A week later she found a summer job at a library that she enjoyed.  She applied and was accepted for a master’s program in library science in the fall.  In the second week of classes, a teacher referred her to a part-time librarian job opening at a charter K-8 school that Amy secured.   This job experience confirmed this was a great career she enjoyed and hoped to stay in.  She was so happy when she finished her master’s degree and her job was upgraded to full-time!  


Completed a double masters and continues her school librarian career.

foHigh School Freshman Adds New Experiences, Starts a Business to Fund College, and Confirms Career Option

Situation:  David’s was unsure of his future career as a rising sophomore in high school.  He wanted some direction and to know how to stand out more.  Discovery Q & A found he loved sports, acquired a large basketball card collection, and memorize thousands of player’s statistics on the back of the cards over the years.  

Results:  David’s key strength was numbers and communication.  He could memorize numbers well and could finding number patterns, and inductive reasoning was high.  His temperament was a peacemaker.  I suggested he get started on a business selling his sports cards on eBay to build a college fund and I provided start-up guidance.  He took immediate action.  A year later he had an update that what he enjoyed about his business was negotiating with card dealers and customers.  I next recommended attending a college summer program on “International Diplomacy” at American University in Washington D.C., and to add on the credit class for his college application.  

After these experiences, David confirmed he wanted to pursue a career negotiating contracts and using negotiation skills.  He decided on a finance major.  His recent update was that was he loved his college and he added minors of statistics and valuation to his major in finance.      


UGA Junior

High School Freshman Learns He Has a Natural Talent for Engineering.  He Shifted to High Gear to Excel Academically and to Start a Business Repairing Electronics.      

Situation: I had the pleasure of teaching 9th-grade classes of entrepreneurship as a long-term substitute at a Gwinnett County high school.  All students were required to start a real business as part of the course work.

Mike, was unable to come up with a business idea.  We decided to chat over lunch to find his concept.  I asked Mike the simple question of what he loved to do in his spare time?  What he said knocked my socks off.  He loved to repair electric and electronic equipment.  This is a 9th grader.  This was a big deal, and further questions confirmed he had an aptitude for engineering.  I gave him a vision of why an engineering career could give him a great career and fulfillment.  His eyes lit up, he was not aware that he had any talent.  I asked how his math grades were.  He said they needed to improve, and also all of his grades.  So, yes math and his GPA would be a priority going forward, especially if he wanted to attend college at Georgia Tech.  

Results:  Mike took off.  He passed out notices to all families in surrounding neighborhoods for free repair work for broken electronic/electric items to build his skills.  A week later I received a notice to sit in on a meeting for Mike, with his mother, a guidance counselor, and all his teachers – to give feedback on how he could improve his academic performance.  The guidance counselor later told me this was the first student in the history of the school who took the initiative of requesting this type of meeting.  Go Mike!


I have not kept up with Mike to know how his journey evolved.

Corporations, Education, and Large Institutions Have Effectively Used the Highlands Ability Battery as Part of Their Training:

Bell South, Charles Schwab & Co., Cingular Telecom, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, US Food & Drug Administration, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Hewlett Packard, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, State Farm Insurance, Turner Broadcasting, The Weather Channel

US Naval Academy, University of Georgia, University of North Carolina, Colorado State University, St. Josephs University, Atlanta Classical Academy, and many high school educators throughout GA.




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