Want to find a meaningful career?

Everyone has strengths to capitalize on



  • DISCOVER your unique God-given natural abilities and how you are wired.

  • EXPLORE your career picks from your custom reports and debrief meeting.    

  • UNDERSTAND why you would be happy in some fields and not as happy with others.

  • FORM YOUR NEXT CHAPTER IN LIFE AFTER COLLEGE.  Know who you are and what you want.

  • LEARN how to find the best career information from LinkedIn and other resources to build real-world answers.  What you learn will be invaluable for navigating your career for the rest of your working life.

  • ACCURACY will feel right inside.  Any feelings of stuck, stress, or unsure will leave.  Now you can move forward with confidence and motivation.  

  • USE your strengths to stand out.

  • FIND your next steps.

  • LET GO: of stress, unsure, frustration, stuck, and analysis paralysis!  This will all blow away instantly after you have a confident career pick.


High School Students

College  Students

Your Journey is Just Beginning

Now is the time to take stock of your natural abilities and talents. 

First, find out what you are good at  

Discover how all the different levels of your abilities combine to match MANY best-fit careers.

Explore the possibilities

Learn tremendous self-awareness.

 The first goal is to help you find your career.  Then your major will be obvious.  You can then find colleges with strong programs and job placement rates.  

Find the reasons “why” that will build your confidence.

Use top guidance and coaching.  You will make decisions and build a “to-do plan” so you know what to do.

Now you can let go of the mental load of ruminating because you no longer are “unsure” or have “doubt” or “no idea at all” for a satisfying career.  This freedom feels really good.    

Land solid on decisions to support your goals for academic and college planning.

Plan optimal high school classes for college prep.  AP classes can waive college core course requirements AND set the foundation for hard college classes to come.

See What is Really Possible

Be so happy about who you are and know HOW you can use your strengths to build success and fulfillment in your career and life.  

You get all of this done in 1-2 weeks and 10 hours of your time with this program! 

Get started by scheduling a conversation.  

Stay On a Solid Track in College

Start and stay strong.  Students entering college with a confident career target will have confidence about their major,  and they can take good use of the many resources, programs, and their advisor at college.  

Look ahead  for internships, and jobs after college to know the range of options and technical skill-building classes.  

See this as an opportunity  Clear your head, to grasp who you are, and what you want for the big chapter of your life that follows college on a personal and career level.

Unlock Your Potential in Both School and Work

Know why.

We will have discussions about your best options, and the “WHY” answers.  We consider many needs outside of using your top abilities, such as practical needs for a solid skill base, job stability or advancement.

Stay on track  Set up for a job in your field after graduation.  

After Graduation

More Decisions  You may have your field skills, but you may need to put some thought into choosing an industry segment, some top employer targets, and to find network groups.  We can help you map this out.

Gain skills in advanced LinkedIn searching and career research

Find answers from the current views of the real-work world for your career or job search question or topic.  

Learn which sources to use, in what order, the questions to shape your search, search keywords, and how to compile the information to save time.   Yes, LinkedIn is a top tool!   

Many students believe they know how to use LinkedIn, but I have not yet met one who can pull powerful results before this training.  

This service is a “must” have, high value, for college students, and young adults after graduation.


Ms. Thrower and the Highlands Ability Battery helped discover many traits that I never knew I had.  I found I performed very well in concept organization and that it meant my logical thinking was very strong. She did this explanation for every area tested in the Highlands Ability Battery, allowing me to learn about my natural skills and learning style. After analyzing my skill sets together, she helped me decide which career path I could follow if I want to fully utilize my natural talents. Additionally, she helped me navigate the website LinkedIn so that I could connect with professionals in the career path that I chose and ask them about their jobs. This experience was very helpful for me.


High School Sophomore


BEFORE: Freshman in college. She was stressed about having no idea for a major.

BEST CAREER: Soil Scientist, and UGA has an excellent program.  LinkedIn confirmed graduates from UGA had desirable jobs.  She aims to improve regional soil conservation practices.


Amy Sprints After Finding Her Career, Starts Grad School, Completes a Double Masters and Gets a Dream Job

BEFORE:  Amy was a few weeks away from college graduation with a major in English at a private Catholic liberal arts college.  She had no idea for a career or job after graduation.  

AFTER:  Her top career was a lower school librarian with an instructional technology specialty that she ran with.  The reasons were many.  She had the line up of abilities.  Other strengths were as important:  a long history as a  voracious reader, strong academics, and she always enjoyed learning and college.  She loved babysitting and spending time with kids.  She had a charming presence with strong social and communication skills.  The work environment would be stable and filled with a strong community matching her values and interests.  In the librarian field, the number of jobs was the highest for K-8 school librarians.  She agreed she would enjoy serving a variety of teachers and young students.  

Amy ran with the target.  A week later she found a summer job at a library that she enjoyed.  She applied and was accepted for a master’s program in library science in the fall.  In the second week of classes, a teacher referred her to a part-time librarian job opening at a charter K-8 school that Amy secured.   This job experience confirmed this was a great career she enjoyed and hoped to stay in.  She was so happy when she finished her master’s degree and her job was upgraded to full-time!  


College Senior


The process of going through the HAB was very manageable and incredibly informative. I feel like I was able to learn a lot more about myself and my skills in both a personal and professional realm.  I felt I gained a very clear sense of my career, next steps and I’m excited about the possibilities! Learning how to search LinkedIn was incredibly helpful as well!”


College Freshman


BEFORE:  High school senior needing to make his college acceptance decision.  He initially was the most interested in software engineering.  His parents wanted to be sure as this impacted his college and major decisions.

BEST CAREER:  Robotics was his top career.  Software engineering was a good fit, but when he learned about his 95% – super high score for working in the tangible, 3D world he agreed this was a better match.  Software engineering by itself was intangible, thought based.  He wanted to attend Kennesaw State University and they had a major in mechatronic.  This major combined studies in software, mechanical, and electrical engineering.



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